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WorkNC Dental is a CAD/CAM software for automatically processing dentures, implants, and other dental structures using perfectly optimized tool paths created using advanced technologies already tried and tested by thousands of users in the extremely demanding automotive and aerospace industries.
WorkNC Dental has 20 years of experience in Sescoi research in the field of movement trajectories of different generations of instruments.
Thanks to new processing processes (and this is just one of the advantages over other existing dental software solutions on the market) You not only significantly reduce the production time of the product, but also get a high-quality product that does not require manual modifications.

The simple and easy-to-use graphical interface of WorkNC Dental has been specially designed for prosthetics and dental technicians who are not experts in machine processing technologies.
WorkNC Dental Materials

WorkNC Dental includes a wide range of automated and interactive procedures that will help the user during the entire preparation process, namely when choosing a treatment location, adding support pins, and directly when starting the treatment process.

Table of Contents

Main features and functionality:

  • Supports standard translators: IGES, DXF, STL;
  • supports live translators: UGS ® , Catia ® V. 4/V. 5, Parasolid ® , etc;
  • mold analysis functions;
  • functions for modeling three-dimensional surfaces and solids;
  • efficient intelligent surface morphing for filling simple and complex cavities;
  • automatic recognition of two-dimensional elements and formation of
  • technological sequences of drilling, countersinking, deployment, threading, etc.;
  • automatic separation of molds and molds;
  • effective module fabrication of the electrodes.

WorkNC implements highly efficient CAM functions:

  • Automatic detection and management of geometric shapes and machining zones;
  • special smooth and progressive tool paths for high-speed processing;
    full description of the workpiece (block, CAD, STL);
  • dynamic control of the workpiece model in 3-axis and 3+2-axis modes (updating the tool path in real time);
  • a holistic review of the impacts of the tool and tool holder with automatic updates of preset settings;
  • powerful editor of paths of the tools;
  • virtual three-dimensional representation of processing equipment and simulation of the processing process (dynamic editing of points and vectors);
  • extensive libraries of tools and tool holders (managed tool holder elements);
  • automatic generation of working documentation in HTML format;
  • predefined by the user of the processing sequence for automated machining;
  • processing based on STL file data and point sets;
  • calculations in batch mode;
  • complex generator of postprocessors (NURBS, loops, circular interpolation, etc.).

WorkNC effectively optimizes tool paths:

  • Development of tool paths for General roughing and additional roughing with optimization for high-speed machining;
  • a set of special trajectories with trochoidal, spiral or mortise feeds;
  • roughing strategies use tool and holder collision checks with automatic updating of the workpiece parameters;
  • automatic detection and processing of residual allowance areas based on the dynamic model of the workpiece;
  • additional machining paths allow you to remove the residual allowance with tools with gradually decreasing dimensions;
  • wide range of tool paths for finishing, optimized for high-speed machining;
  • layer finishing, planar finishing, flat surface finishing, contour finishing and edge finishing;
  • automatic removal of residual allowance by tools with gradually decreasing dimensions;
  • three-dimensional display of areas with residual material;
  • automatic conversion to a 5-axis shape is possible.

WorkNC implements intelligent algorithms for developing 2-axis trajectories:

  • A set of 2-and 2.5-axis processing strategies;
  • pocket processing, contour processing, curve processing, engraving, edge processing, cross turning, drilling, threading, etc.;
  • automatic drilling module;
  • automatic element recognition, selection of predefined drilling sequences, automatic formation of drilling operations, control of drilling deep and intersecting holes;
  • configurable postprocessor.

WorkNC has the ability to work with 5-coordinate equipment:

  • Automatic conversion of 3-axis paths to 5-axis paths – ” AUTO 5″;
  • wide choice of trajectories with simultaneous positioning on 4 and 5 axes;
  • 5-axis rolling, flat finishing, processing of spiral blades, blades, pipes, laser cutting, etc.;
  • collision detection and control of machine limits.
  • WorkNC 5-Axis 5-axis processing Module.
  • Main features and functionality.

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