In March, ECS released a new, completely redesigned version of the DentalCAD modeling software. This program is just beginning to gain popularity on the market, and many laboratories are not yet aware of the existence of this package. However, in the European market, DentalCAD is a very serious competitor to Exocad and is used in many large dental laboratories.

About the manufacturer: EGS (Italy) is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the CAD/CAM industry. Today, EGS can provide standard solutions for 3D scanning and reverse modeling, develop unique products according to customer specifications, customize existing software, develop algorithms, and provide advice. The opportunity to learn how to work with the program and equipment is provided both online, through webinars and online consultations, and through representatives in Russia, the company Ezaprint (esadent brand)

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Let’s look at why labs make their choice in favor of Dental CAD?

It’s very simple. Purchasing a license for the program means purchasing a single set of modules that includes all types of dental restorations that can be performed in the program. These features are already available to the user at no additional cost.

And today – this is an impressive list of tasks, which is constantly updated:

  • Anatomical crowns/caps
  • Bridges of all types
  • Individual abutments
  • Bridge structures on implants
  • Locks
  • Wax-up
  • Tabs/Overlays
  • Veneers
  • Telescopic crowns
  • Beams

The program has all the necessary tools for individual modeling, but 90% of all operations are performed automatically, with minimal operator intervention
The new version implements the function of returning to previous steps, with automatic application of new parameters in subsequent steps.
DentalCAD includes all the popular libraries of the implants. But you can always install new ones yourself.

The program has an intuitive graphical interface that any technician can quickly learn to work with. For each type of task, the program sets a certain number of steps, where all the necessary tools are present to create the model you need.

As an additional option, the digital Smile system is connected. The set of options includes a small program that performs all the settings, and special glasses in which the patient is photographed. With this system, the doctor and the patient immediately simulate a smile. The patient sees the result that he will get at the end of the work. And in the future, it will be easier for the technician to model crowns, since he sees the result that the patient wants to get in front of him. You don’t have to spend extra time, and the client doesn’t have to spend extra money on redoing work that just won’t satisfy them aesthetically.

One of the advantages of the new version of the program is a very convenient order Manager, where the entire history of work with each client is saved.

DentalCAD is an open system that can work with any scanner. Even if you don’t have your own scanner, you can easily import previously scanned models. However, if you are just going to install a complete CAD/CAM kit, you should also pay attention to the EGS – Dscan scanners, which DentalCAD comes with free of charge with a full license and technical support.
DScan scanners are compact desktop devices that, in addition to the most high-precision optical scanner with blue light, include a full-fledged powerful computer. As a result, by purchasing a dscan scanner, you get a full – fledged operator’s workplace.

Dscan scanners meet all modern requirements and provide the highest model accuracy. Scanning a full arc takes only 30 seconds. With standard scanning options, 16 rotation angles are available, which fully cover 99% of all possible work. But in some cases, the operator can always adjust any scanning angle.
DentalCAD is still a little-known product on the Russian market, but its popularity in Europe, the United States and the middle East gives reason to think about purchasing it. Moreover, the price of the program (separately from the scanner) is only 2500 euros .

Ezaprint company is the exclusive representative of the manufacturer of DentalCAD software and dscan equipment of EGS company in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The company ezaprint (esadent brand) is responsible for user support in Russia.It provides not only the process of purchasing equipment and SOFTWARE, but also direct communication with the manufacturer, as well as provides training on working in a three – dimensional modeling environment, scanning and milling processes on its own equipment on the territory of TsNIIS and chlh. The result of the training will be the knowledge gained, confirmed by a state-issued certificate.

At the moment, the CAD/CAM system based on the EGS dscan 3D scanner with the DentalCAD program, as well as the Roland DWX-50 or DWX-51 milling machine, is one of the most profitable investments in the development of the laboratory in terms of price/benefit.

System maintenance is performed by certified specialists, and the supply of equipment and spare parts is continuous in a well-established supply cycle, which is one of the supplier’s competitive advantages.

Figure 1. Beam modeling with Wax up

Figure 2. Bridge

figure 3 program Interface when scanning on the Scan scanner

figure 4. implant Libraries

Figure 5. Digital Smile System

figure 6. order Manager.

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