ExoCad PartiCAD 2.3

Our dental CAD software impresses with its speed and intuitive operation. This is how you minimize training costs and maximize your productivity. With activated exocad PartiCAD you rely on reliable and stable software with which you can handle even complex cases with ease. In order to be able to set new standards in terms of speed and flexibility again and again, we continuously evaluate research results in the field of organic modeling. Our development team has been able to shape this rapidly developing market with innovations for the last seven years. We always have an open ear for the requirements of our customers and always include the latest findings in our product development. As an exocad user, you have your finger on the pulse of technology.

With the PartiCAD module, cracked exocad offers the digital solution for the design of high-quality model cast prostheses.

Use innovative design and customization features for meshes, main connectors, brackets, lower tabs and end lines. Enjoy maximum freedom of design thanks to licensed PartiCAD’s extensive functions for l-brackets, design of pins with retention and automatic relief for an optimal fit. With the add-on module from exocad, you can combine model casts with crown and bridge design elements and create support bars for printing. You can also add individual logos and texts to model cast prostheses.

Outstanding design freedom

Our goal is to make everything that is possible with wax possible as a design in new patches of exocad. PartiCAD therefore offers unparalleled design freedom that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding model casting experts.

Mr. Steinbrecher: “The traditional method of designing partial scaffolding is completely analogous and both resource and time consuming.” And he adds: “The PartialCAD module enables efficient production with 3D printers or milling machines. That saves time and increases productivity.” Partial frameworks can be combined with crown and bridge designs or other indications available on the exocad DentalCAD platform – for example for secondary structures on telescopic crowns, for attachments, complex implant cases and more.

Table of Contents

PartialCAD add-on modules


  • Implant Module
  • Bar modules
  • Model Creator
  • Bite Splint Module
  • Provisional modules
  • Full Denture Module
  • TruSmile technology
  • Virtual articulator
  • Jaw Motion Import
  • DICOM Viewer
  • Smile Creator
  • Tooth library

Free choice for dental specialists

With PartialCAD you always have a free choice. Integrate high-performance dental CAD software solution with all products and modules from exocad into a seamless digital workflow. Exceptional user friendliness, performance and flexibility are guaranteed. Thanks to the open and vendor-neutral software architecture, you can use PartiCAD with existing systems such as open scanners, 3D printers or milling systems. With PArtiCAD you always have full control over the desired workflows. Expand your offer with wide range of add-on modules and improve the cooperation with your customers and service providers – for reliable, cost- and time-efficient results.


Would you like to share your exocad PartiCAD design with others? Simply export your design as an encrypted link and share it online with your contacts via dentalshare. Open the link in a browser on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device and experience an interactive 3D preview of your CAD design.

The main benefits:

  1. 1-click export: Your CAD design as an HTTPS link via the dentalshare online service
  2. 1-click export: your CAD design as an HTML file
  3. 100% web-based, no software required (recommended: Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  4. Perfectly integrated into the dentalshare communication process
  5. Password protection is supported
  6. Use iOS and Android apps for optimal performance and experience
  7. Open your files directly from other apps using app extensions
  8. Open and view files stored in the cloud (all types of providers are supported, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud Drive)
  9. All open mesh file formats, ZIP files with mesh data and point cloud data are supported (e.g. STL, .OBJ, .PLY, .OFF, .EOFF, .XYZ, .XYZNB)
  10. Annotations, textured meshes and vertex colors are supported
  11. Wire frame mode for checking data quality
  12. Multiple Language Support: 11 languages ​​available
  13. A simple application, uniform on all devices

Integrate, develop, manufacture

Advance your dental laboratory and simplify your workflows with PartiCAD – the powerful software solution from exocad, which was specially developed for dental technicians. With PartiCAD you benefit from maximum flexibility, extensive extras and intuitive functions as well as maximum reliability in all your processes. At exocad, we know that dental technology and dentistry are an art in themselves. For this reason, we have made it our business to provide you with all the necessary tools and at the same time guarantee you an almost unlimited range of options.

Why should you choose licensed exocad Particad patch 2.3?

Multifunctional – can be used for a huge range of indications

Reliably and quickly – even in complex cases

Benefit from the highest speed and productivity with activated PartiCAD. Our powerful software platform works reliably and also processes large amounts of data quickly.

Comprehensive – numerous data sources can be combined

Use virtually any open data source to process your case: intraoral and model scans, 3D face scans, jaw movement data, DICOM data and patient photos.

Intuitive and logical – an enrichment for the user

PartiCAD ​​software can be perfectly tailored to your needs and workflows. Continuous and extensive tests and proven solutions are your guarantee for maximum user-friendliness and performance.

Free choice – seamless integration with third party devices

Get the most out of your hardware investment. Thanks to the open software architecture, you can use licensed PartiCAD 2020 ​​with almost all 3D scanners, 3D printers or milling systems. Open libraries give you access to a wide range of generic blanks and materials from leading manufacturers.

User-friendly – guided workflows in wizard mode

The proven exocad wizard workflow guides you through every step of your design process. In PartiCAD’s expert mode, you can customize your settings and access numerous additional functions and tools.

The PartiCAD Core version already offers a variety of indications and functions

  • Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort.
  • High quality tooth libraries included.
  • Anatomical crowns
  • Production of perfect copings using the reduction functions, starting from the original anatomy.
  • Anatomical / simple copings
  • Large selection of attachment shapes, for attachment to the construction or for subtraction from the construction.
  • Attachments
  • Combination of cast crowns, copings, pontics or inlays with bridges and bridge frameworks.
  • Bridge frameworks
  • Quick and easy design of beautiful, natural-looking inlay and onlay restorations.
  • Inlays / onlays
  • Aesthetic results are achieved with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • High quality tooth libraries included.
  • Veneers
  • Scanning, processing and copy milling of hand-modeled waxups.
  • Create waxups digitally.
  • Working with waxups
  • Maximum flexibility in the design of telescopic crowns.
  • Telescopic crowns

Extended options and services thanks to numerous add-on modules

Comprehensive, versatile, integrated

All modules are fully integrated in new patch of PartiCAD and allow you a smooth, reliable and seamless workflow. Look forward to more functions, tailored to your individual needs – with complete flexibility and cost efficiency.


The licensed ExoCad Parti CAD 2020 is a modern system that allows the patient, doctor and dental laboratory workers to simulate the final result of dental restoration in advance. The software is an innovative development in the field of aesthetic dentistry. At its core, this system is a computer program that, using your photographs and wishes for the final look of your smile, simulates the result of the dentists’ work. The main advantage of this technique is the modeling of the final result individually for each patient, taking into account the structural features of his dentition and facial expressions. It is also important that the program will offer you several different options, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Using this licensed tool, the dentist will be able to present the patient with a preview of the result of the prosthetics and provide the dental technician with all the information needed to complete the work.

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