CAD/CAM programs-what are their main advantages?

These systems allow us to successfully create 3D models for a long time, in order to effectively solve complex problems in various spheres of human activity. Specifically for dentistry, CAD/CAM programs are designed to create models of implants, dentures, crowns, and other elements that require visualization.

In order for CAD/CAM operation to be carried out without any failures, you need to install high-quality and licensed software. Several programs can be responsible for these functions. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. Let’s look at them in more detail.


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Exocad Dental CAD

One of the most advanced applications created for the introduction of digital technologies in dentistry and in particular in implantology. Based on CAD / CAM technologies, this platform combines the most advanced, new and best technical solutions. The program assumes simplicity and ease of use, which is especially important against the background of the constantly updated and updated market for such programs. Constant optimization, in collaboration with leading experts in the field of dentistry, allows us to consider Exocad one of the most effective and promising solutions.

Let’s consider a number of advantages of using this software, which has become popular among specialists.

1. the Program itself is focused on digital dentistry, hence the advanced solutions that have a narrow specialization.

2. The ability to integrate with most well-known manufacturers.

3. Constant monitoring and consultation with leading practitioners.

4. Convenience, simplicity, clear interface of the program.

5. in the hands of a professional, the program is quite a powerful tool.

6. Data is processed very quickly-together with a rich functionality, this increases the efficiency and productivity, as well as the quality of work of implantologists.

7. a Very wide list of indicators that can be diagnosed and modeled.

8. The list of indications can be optionally expanded.

CAD/CAM programs-what are their main advantages?
Along with the user experience, the functionality of this program will grow. You can use it to quickly and competently create models based on previous experience, put the resulting model images in PDF files and then send them via email, and so on.

3Shape Dental System

It is one of the best programs of the system created for dental practice. The program is always supplemented with various add-ons that allow you to perform more complex 3D modeling tasks in dentistry. You can also use it to significantly expand the potential of the software. This will help to make free access to various library files on dental and dental technology. Consider the advantages of the new software:

1. The program interface is simple and intuitive.

2. Functional set is very wide, with the possibility of adding new elements.

3. Action planning is carried out step by step.

4. Excellent visualization of the resulting model.

5. Availability and installation of additional modules.

The program integrates very well with the most famous devices from leading manufacturers. Not all dental SOFTWARE can boast such a constantly expanding set of functions. It is possible to use the experience of objects that have passed the simulation to significantly speed up the process and insure against possible errors.

Planmeca ProMax 3D

This well-known system has a large set of functions that can simplify the 2-and 3-dimensional visualization of objects, as well as the design and processing of material. The Planmeca ProMax 3D software used in 3D visualization devices is compatible with many operating systems and is very convenient to use. Consider the advantages of this program:

1. A wide range of tools for the job.

2. Printing is universal for all types of media.

3. Availability of various additional modules.

4. The function of import and export files.

5. A good degree of visualization.

This software is adapted to the entire dental systems that large dental clinics have. Using the software, you can share projects and other data with colleagues, and use previous experience to eliminate the possibility of errors. The system clearly, based on the readings of equipment sensors, is able to create an excellent accurate 2D or 3D model, thereby greatly simplifying the work of a specialist.


As we can see, not all samples of software based on CAD/CAM systems are presented here. Programs in this segment of the market appear with enviable constancy, and are constantly updated and improved. If we consider all the features of this SOFTWARE and its advantages, we can safely say that its use will be the beginning of a new era in dental practice

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