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SUM3D Dental is an AM technology software developed specifically for the production of dental products. This is a modern solution that develops in step with the latest technologies. This SOFTWARE was created in collaboration with large milling centers. SUM3D Dental software provides maximum productivity and efficiency of dental laboratories.

With the user-friendly program, you don’t have to enter any parameters manually. A fully automated product creation process can significantly reduce your work time and increase your revenue.

The new development Premilled Abutment works on the principle of a 5-axis lathe and is designed for the production of abutments. It significantly increases the quality of final processing.

A unique optional visualization feature allows you to see the future end result of the processed material even before processing is completed.

To accurately obtain the desired shade of the product surface, it is possible to pre-manage layer-by-layer shades that are stored on the disk. This minimizes the cost of erroneous situations.

The software provides for all stages of production after laser sintering, from the synterization stage to milling. All processes in one SOFTWARE are a cost-effective solution both in terms of money and time.

SUM3D Dental is a CAM solution designed specifically for use in the field of modern dentistry. This software was developed in direct collaboration with major milling centers.

SUM3D Dental is an open, multi-functional and easy-to-use software that offers high performance and minimal processing time.


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Features of SUM3D Dental:

  • Pre-milled abutment (Premilled Abutment).
  • Visualization of residual material.
  • Multi-layer or pre-painted material.
  • Post-iteration milling function
  • SUM3D Dental imports data from any open CAD system: 3Shape ® , Dental Wings ® , EGS ® , Exocad ® and many others.

SUM 3D Dental dental SOFTWARE is a software designed for additive manufacturing in the field of digital dentistry that features a large number of modern industrial solutions. The greatest efficiency from the use of this software is achieved when used in the equipment of dental laboratories. The program fully performs a complex of operations similar to manual milling and fitting of prosthetic and implant blanks, taking into account the anatomical features of the patient – during its creation, the developers worked closely with leading milling centers.

From the user’s point of view, this is one of the simplest and most convenient programs. A significant advantage is the almost complete automation of all, not just key processes – you will only have to use manual settings in very non-standard cases. In the vast majority of cases, abutments are formed and adjusted automatically. Another important advantage is the visualization function, which allows you to see and evaluate the final result even before the program finishes processing the model.

In the process of prosthetics and crown manufacturing, especially with the use of 3D printers, the color of the finished product is of great importance. This SOFTWARE also provides a hue equalization function, which minimizes the risk of an erroneous situation during printing or production.

Why do we choose SUM3D Dental software?

Main advantages of SUM3D Dental:

  • the software allows automatic milling of all structures on 3, 4 or 5 axis machines, without wasting time on setting parameters or machining configurations.
  • import data from any source and in various formats.
  • the strategy and path of the tool can be changed depending on the operator’s needs.
  • works with any machine.
  • not related to specific materials / tools or suppliers.
  • offers high-quality results regardless of the material.

The program also includes additional modules that significantly expand the already extensive modeling capabilities.

The use of this software package in a modern CAD/CAM system allows Faberge specialists to produce high-quality orthopedic structures in record time for the convenience of even the most demanding customers.

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