Dentures made of zirconium are gradually conquering the world. Their main advantage is the absence of a metal base, which allows them to have a more natural look and shade. But they cannot be made by casting. Because during sintering, zirconium shrinks, the initial parameters of the workpiece decrease, and it becomes unusable. And only CAD/CAM/CAE systems have made zirconium prostheses a reality.

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CAD/CAM is the latest technology used to produce denture frames made of zirconium, glass ceramics, cobalt-chromium, titanium and other materials. It is based on the modeling of the workpiece in a special computer program and processing on milling equipment with numerical control.

The name of the technologies stands for:

  • CAD-Computer-Aided Design – computer assistance in designing (technical design of a virtual image using modeling and CAD CAM programs).
  • CAM-Computer-Aided Manufacturing – computer assistance in manufacturing (manufacturing of the designed structure using special software).

Stages of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry:

  • scanning of the oral cavity;
  • 3D modeling of orthopedic structures, image refinement;
  • milling;
  • sintering in the furnace;
  • grinding and polishing.

In addition to special software, the system includes equipment: a scanner, a CNC milling machine, a sintering furnace. CAD/CAM/CAE technology provides a full cycle of prosthesis production-from a three-dimensional model to a finished product.


  • High accuracy of product manufacturing;
  • The shortest possible time for the production of dental
  • structures;
  • Taking into account the needs of a particular patient;
  • Manufacturing of prostheses made of zirconium dioxide;
  • An automated process that excludes the “human factor”.

When choosing a CAD/CAM/CAE design system, it is important to pay attention to the type: open or closed. Closed ones can only work with certain types of materials (disks, blocks, etc.) of the manufacturer. They are good because the processes are maximally debugged and synchronized.

The advantage of open systems is that all elements (scanner, machine, software) are maximally adapted to combination with other equipment and computer software. That is, they can be updated, expand the set of functions and technologies.


Manufacturer Nicetech-CNC (Korea)

Spinel 5X Super Milling Machine (3KW-5 axes)

Milling of materials:

  • Zirconium oxide (98.5 mm), Cobalt-chromium, Titanium, PMMA, WAX, E. max, Trinia, Peek, Hybrid ceramics, Pre-mill abutments, etc.
  • Production of an abutment made of metal from 17 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the quality of the surface
  • Making a crown from zirconium of full anatomy takes about 20 minutes
  • Included is a holder for 10 pcs of Pre-Mill.
  • 5 replaceable block holders
  • Wet and dry milling of materials
  • The maximum speed of the spindle is 60,000 rpm
  • The power of the spindle is 2.2 kW, at the peak it reaches 3 kW
  • Water cooling of the spindle with antifreeze (an advantage over air). The constant heating temperature of the spindle is 25-28 degrees
  • Automatic tool change – 10 cutters
  • 5 axes
  • Dimensions LxWxH-640x640x180
  • The weight of 350 kg eliminates any vibrations during metal milling
  • Manufacturing of abutments with high precision
  • Reinforced servo guides along the XYZ axes
  • New servo control system from PANASONIC
  • A large built-in Touch screen with a control system is already included in the price of the machine
  • The camera configuration has been changed and increased, which makes the operator’s work more convenient
  • Improved air supply system (built-in automatic dehumidifier) does not require a compressor with a dehumidifier
  • Improved the water cooling system of the spindle
  • The function of calculating the operation of the milling cutters (the number of mileage)has been introduced

According to the characteristics and a very favorable price, today this manufacturer is the leader in working with metal and zirconium at the highest level.

Manufacturer Robot Design together with Maxx Digma (Korea)

The most powerful machine in its class with minimal dimensions, compact for the manufacture of titanium abutments, milling from cobalt-chromium, etc.

  • Model DS-4WA Korea
  • Controller and motor Built-in PC (10.1-inch touch screen), AC servo motor
  • Index of operating ranges A = ± 180 degrees
  • Shank diameter: 6 mm, ATC 8 tools
  • High-frequency spindle, S1: 1400W, max. 2700 W, 60,000 rpm Milling
    materials: Metal, titanium billet for making abutments, premium and hybrid ceramics, zirconium, wax, PMMA
  • Number of axes – 4
  • Milling type Wet
  • Granite base is an indicator of vibration resistance and high precision of milling of solid material
  • Dimensions and weight: 500 x 725 x 712 mm, 110kg

Manufacturer DAF (Korea)

  • 5 axes
    -Craft-5X DOF is ideal for milling: zirconium
    -titanium abutments,
    -wax and PMMA
  • Processing with an accuracy of 2 microns and a maximum speed of 3600 mm / min, a maximum spindle speed of 60,000 rpm.
  • Automatic calibration
  • Auto-change station 12 tools (milling cutters)
  • Dry and wet milling of materials
  • Milling of a disk made of zirconium, wax, plastic, + ceramics + titanium abutments
  • The Craft 5X Dof milling machine has 5-axis simultaneous processing of material along the X, Y, Z axes and 360-degree rotating blocks and disks both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Intelligent wet milling-The coolant level sensor monitors its level to avoid damage to tools and materials caused by a decrease in the circulation of the coolant.
  • The built-in tool lifecycle management system allows you to monitor the service life of individual cutters to maintain
  • Automatic calibration helps you with routine maintenance by aligning and adjusting the tool settings for accurate milling results.

Manufacturer Robots and Design (Yu.Korea)

The DM200 milling machine has a high-precision and powerful Jager 2.7 kW spindle.

DM200 is ready to work 24 hours a day! World-class tolerances.

  • Minimizing post-processing
  • Optimal fit restoration
  • Automation of loading and unloading

The DM200-5M is a 5-axis system. With it, you can carry out both wet and dry milling of any materials. The package includes software, a built-in computer and a powerful granite slab.

The milling machine can work with:

1. Soft materials: zirconium dioxide, modeling wax, PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate);

2. It is possible to work with Trinia and Peek;

3. Lithium disilicate, ceramic (e-max);

4. Cobalt-Chromium (CoCr) and titanium;

5. Titanium premills.

Each individual material has its own processing mode.

With the help of a milling cutter, you can make various products:
1. Micro-prostheses “inley” and “onley”;

2. Durable and reliable realistic veneers and lumineers;

3. Crowns that will be comfortable even with constant wear;

4. Strong bridge prostheses;

5. Small elements: caps for the next application of ceramics;

6. Titanium abutments up to 10 units for partial dentures;

7. Specialized beam structures made of CoCr and titanium on disks (d=98.5 mm)

Manufacturer DIMANCHE (Italy)

DYAMACH DT2 open-type milling equipment allows you to use any CAD/CAM materials (ceramics, polymers, metals), guaranteeing high accuracy and productivity. The vertical 5-axis CNC milling machine can work continuously.


  • the working axes have wide rotation angles: A by 360 gr., B by + / – 43 gr;
    spindle speed up to 60,000 rpm;
  • suitable for processing complex beams and abutments made of metal (including titanium);
  • it uses any type of milling cutter (3, 4, 6 mm), unlike similar models, which provide milling cutters only in 6 mm;
  • a professional device at the price of middle-class equipment;
  • high milling speed (metal abutment in 20 minutes, cobalt-chromium bridge of three painters in 60 minutes).

The Yamaha DT-2 milling machine works faster and more accurately than others with a Mitsubishi brushless motor. This is one of the best systems for a set of characteristics that justifies its cost.

Manufacturer ROLAND (Japan)

Open systems, do not require annual software updates. Roland milling equipment is characterized by quiet operation, as well as the highest accuracy of processing zirconium and other materials.

DX52D Milling Machine


  • creates high-precision crowns made of zirconium, as well as the new TRINIA material (metal-free crowns that are stronger than zirconium and cobalt) ;
  • milling of the workpiece simultaneously on 5 axes;
  • the angle of inclination along the B axis has been increased to 30 gr to improve accuracy;
  • the processing time of one crown is 25 minutes, two at the same time-45 minutes, that is, with an increase in the number of blanks, the average time decreases by one unit; 20 crowns in 6 hours;
  • the disk holder in the shape of a crescent eliminates turning the disk;
  • automatic replacement of milling cutters, 10-piece magazine ;
  • built-in ionizer.

Possibility of milling the following works from

-zirconium (treated by sintering),
– wax for modeling,
– glass-reinforced polymer,
– composite polymer,
– agglomerate of chromium-cobalt alloy.
– polymethylmethacrylate,
– plaster

Production of wide sets of products such as:

  • crowns,
  • caps,
  • bridge-like structures,
  • inlay inserts, onlay,
  • veneers,
  • abutments,
  • beams,
  • crowns with screw fixation,
  • prostheses,
  • models,
  • surgical templates
  • orthodontic mouthguards.

Milling machine DWX 42W (glass-ceramic)


  • processes up to 3 different blanks in a non-stop mode, which reduces the production time and the process of patient care;
  • processing of glass ceramics (Vita, Ducera, Ivoclar, etc.);
  • special diamond cutters;
  • milling on 4 axes, 360 gr rotation angle;
  • CAM software (purchased in addition to the milling machine). Easy-to-use, open architecture. The CAM software accepts all STL files and supports the milling of the corresponding materials.
  • All-metal DGSHAPE spindle with the highest wear resistance resource.
  • Air consumption has become 50 less%
  • New connection. To the local Ethernet network. Get access to the device and control milling anywhere in the laboratory or office.
  • Upgraded V-panel. Complex controls are replaced by a simple interface for monitoring workloads and tool life.
  • Improved performance. Automatic station for 6 tools for uninterrupted milling
  • The maximum size of the workpiece is 40x20x20 mm (LxWxH)

Reliable and durable Roland milling machines have the best warranty and post-sale terms of cooperation compared to competitors. Due to the rich functionality and attractive cost, they are in demand on the market.

Manufacturer SIRONA (Germany)

Sirona offers dental laboratories a complete system, the elements of which function perfectly individually and in combination with each other. The average price segment of the devices makes them popular in laboratories of different sizes.


  • profitability of the laboratory due to increased productivity;
  • flexibility and implementability with functional software;
  • perspective with the possibility of modernization and additions.

The InLab MC XL and Cerec MC XL milling and grinding machines are among the most accurate and fast. Switching between grinding and milling will take a few minutes. You will feel the economic benefits with a large volume of milling.

Manufacturer ZirkonZahn (Italy)

the closed Cad/Cam system-system 5-tec includes a milling machine, a scanner, a furnace, Cad/Cam programs and a PC with a monitor. All at once for perfect compatibility and coherence of processes.


  • unique technology for the production of solid zirconium products;
  • low cost of updates;
  • high-quality CAD / CAM materials of our own production;
  • online training;
  • unified information support.

The 5-axis ZirkonZahn system is more affordable than others in price, but it is not inferior in quality, so it is excellent for equipping a dental laboratory.

Manufacturer WIELAND (Germany)

Wieland produces the most compact CAD / CAM equipment in the world. The Zenotec mini open system weighs only 45 kg and fits completely on the desktop. Assemble your own combination of elements with the necessary functionality.

The Zenotec mini milling machine will fit into a small laboratory. 4-axis technology is used here, which is optimal for all types of work. Zenotec Select is a 5-axis milling device, more powerful and more functional than the previous one, and higher in cost.

Wieland also produces fast and accurate scanners, for example, the Zeno Scan S 100, which guarantee the accuracy of frame manufacturing and save working time.


  • compact size;
  • perpetual software, flexible and friendly;
  • productivity is about 1800 units/month.

Manufacturer IMES-ICORE (Germany)

The CORiTEC 550i system ensures the highest quality of milling when processing hard materials. The latest design of the axes with a granite base ensures perfect smoothness. The fastest spindle (80,000 rpm) guarantees high accuracy and durability. The “above average” price segment is fully justified by the wide functionality, quality of work and reliability of the equipment.


  • the highest performance;
  • the ability to work around the clock;
  • high-precision linear electric motors without backlash;
  • processing of any materials, including cobalt and chromium;
  • the highest accuracy and dynamics of work.

Modern restoration dentistry is unthinkable without computer technologies. In 2-3 years, every modern clinic will carry out CAD/CAM prosthetics. In order not to be among the laggards, decent laboratories are taking care of buying a cad cam cae system right now.

Studying the products of various manufacturers will help you determine the necessary functionality and make an informed choice. With the CAD/CAM-system, the technologies of the future are available today!


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