MyCrown Medical CAD / CAM System: the best choice for dentists

“We are confident that MyCrown will be the best choice for dentists»
Cologne, Germany: At the International Dental Equipment Fair in March 2017, FONA Dental presented MyCrown, a medical CAD/CAM system that allows dentists to make crowns, veneers, inlays, and small bridges in a single visit. Dental Tribune Online spoke with FONA General Manager Juergen Kiesel about the promising new system, which he said has the fastest and most convenient training system and that with systems like MyCrown, the dental industry will see major growth in the coming years.
According to Kiesel, one of the main goals of FONA is to provide advanced technology at an affordable price for more dentists. MyCrown, the latest state-of-the-art addition to the FONA portfolio, consists of an intraoral camera, restoration design software, and a milling unit. Designed for general practice dentists, the system is designed to cover 90 percent of the work that a doctor does every day.
“We have a very simplistic approach,” Mr. Kiesel explained. “The software consists of only five steps, and we have minimized the functions and focused on the daily needs of the dentist. In addition, based on our experience, we have optimized the software workflow for the integrated system.
“When it comes to advanced CAD/CAM systems, we often talk about the ‘three too’: too complex, too time – consuming, too expensive,” he added. “With MyCrown, we focused on solving these problems.” In a previous position at Sirona (now Dentsply Sirona), Mr. Kiesel experienced various CAD/CAM systems, and according to him, the training system with them was far from the one provided by MyCrown.

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Ease of use

Using the system is very convenient, says Mr. Kiesel, and allows the dental assistant to work with him while the dentist focuses on the most important parts of the procedure. This allows you to treat two to three patients at the same time. “This is what sets us apart from the competition,” Kiesel added. “Mainly because we can offer such ease of use, we are confident that MyCrown will become the system of choice for dentists.”
Drawing attention to the fact that the technology is too expensive, MyCrown was developed as part of the emerging segment of digital dentistry. “An affordable system has appeared on this IDS,” Mr. Kiesel noted. “There were no such systems before. There were only two manufacturers on the market. This year, however, we are seeing more than ten systems at the exhibition, in this particular area, and we believe that for the first time, medical systems will be on everyone’s lips.”

Offering a first-class system at a more affordable price, FONA aims to be the best choice for dentists looking to enter the world of CAD/CAM. The price reduction was made possible due to the deliberate restriction of the system functionality according to the specific specialty of the doctor. In addition, the technology used has been carefully selected to compete in this segment. One example that Mr. Kiesel gave is a camera system that still requires a spray. “We have optimized the spray application . The work requires a very thin layer and fast application, so the spray is not a hindrance in the work. But with its application, we can provide a more economical camera that still gives an image in color, ” he explained.

However, the focus on certain features does not mean that dentists are restricted from using MyCrown if they want to combine the system with devices from other vendors, Kiesel stressed. “We don’t want to limit our customers. Our scanner has an open format, and the customer can decide whether they want to use the system’s milling unit or want to work with the lab, ” said Mr. Kiesel.”A fully integrated system with a simplified workflow, offering the fastest and most convenient training system and allowing you to make a crown in just 1 hour, this offer will change dentistry,” he said confidently.

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