about Invivo 6. What should I choose cracked or license?

6 Invivo is an award – winning software for working with 3D data Invivo is a powerful but effortless 3D imaging application designed for implantation, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, and dental therapy. Invivo offers fast, high-quality rendering and visualization of 3D data and tools for creating accurate treatment plans. Creating virtual restorations, airway analysis, endodontic imaging, TMJ diagnostics, and three-dimensional cephalometric analysis are just a small list of tools available in Invivo.

Table of Contents

Endodontic imaging


Simple data exchange

The Invivo 6 software makes it easy to share information and work together using Anatomage cloud storage. You can also now visualize data using a viewer that is easily downloaded from the cloud service. Sharing data with colleagues is even easier!


Precise planning

After creating an implantation plan, you can upload your treatment plan to the Anatomodel service and order a surgical template. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the next stages of the treatment plan, while at the same time providing predictable results.



Improved communication with your lab

Invivo 6 SOFTWARE is a powerful tool that allows you to improve the level of communication with the laboratory and achieve more predictable results. You have the opportunity to share your treatment plan so that the laboratory can produce a restoration that meets the aesthetic requirements of your patients.

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