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So, the way it has to be – everything around has begun to develop rapidly. And what we never dreamed of in the distant 2004-2005, today is growing and developing by leaps and bounds. And since 2014, 3Shape, which specializes in laboratory and intraoral scanners, and also develops laboratory software, finally releases a new product – 3Shape Implant Studio.

It is clear that when a company such as 3Shape releases a product, it should be part of their ecosystem and should not only be an independent product, but also promote other products. And there is something to promote!

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Trios intraoral color camera

Trios intraoral color camera! Say no to casts, gypsum, dirt, shrinkage and stuff like that … For surgical templates, the camera is very suitable – it doesn’t care about the subgingival state of tooth tissues, which are important for prosthetics. It only needs a qualitatively scanned exterior. And the camera deals with that well. But its price for today is 30 thousand euros. It is beautiful, comfortable, modern, but quite expensive.


The second important product is the Dental System, a system for modeling orthopedic structures. This product is well compatible with Implant Studio. After sending the template for printing, the same project can be opened in the Dental System and immediately simulate temporary crowns for instant loading and making them. The fully digital process that modern dentistry is committed to.

Okay, we are estranged from the topic. Let’s get back to our templates. The system is thoughtful, serious. Obviously, people took this project seriously.

To laboratories: the possibility of providing new services for dentists

Implant Studio will allow your laboratory to expand the range of services provided. The provision of services such as the creation and production of surgical templates and protocols, down to diagnostic wax models, will open new possibilities for your clients.

The seamless integration of 3Shape Implant Studio and Dental System will allow you to be provided with a complete package of treatment, using the available intellectual and technical base.

The system is very convenient and correctly built for users of the 3Shape ecosystem. That is, it was created for laboratories. There is no time for a doctor to deal there while appointment and probably no reason. It costs 2,500 dollars, that`s why not each clinic can afford it…

Where buy the program?

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